"Firmness, commodity, delight!"

As its slogan, the European Institute for a Sustainable Information Society has chosen the words of Vitruvius: firmitas, utilitas, venustas (firmness, commodity, delight).

This slogan originates from the ten-piece work, De architectura by Vitruvius (Marcus Vitruvius Pollio). Not only discussing buildings, the famous classic also discusses canals, plumbing and theatre staging. The opus was lost in the Middle Ages but found anew in the 15th century. It had a massive impact on the ideals of the Renaissance.

Essential to a building are, according to Vitruvius, firmness, commodity and delight. The materials used must be of good quality, the building should suit its purpose to a great extent and it should also be delightful to the eye, well-proportioned and built according to the right symmetrical criteria.

Adapting these ideals - mutatis mutandis - the European Institute for a Sustainable Information Society seeks to foster firmness, appropriateness and beauty while developing tomorrow's culture and society.

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